HSBC Low Rate Credit Card: The ideal choice for those seeking security and benefits.

Master your finances with low interest rates and exclusive benefits.

Por: Lucas Soares

Low interest rates

Enjoy an annual interest rate of only 12.99% for purchases, ideal for those who need flexibility in payments.

Grace period of up to 55 days

Make your purchases without worrying about interest for up to 55 days, as long as the full payment is made by the invoice due date.

HSBC Security

Have the peace of mind of a bank with over 150 years of experience and tradition, with robust security measures to protect your data and transactions.

Exclusive benefits

Discounts with partners, travel insurance and other benefits that add value to your daily life.

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Why apply for the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card?

Achieve your financial goals with a complete card that offers:

  • Low interest rates: Peace of mind to manage your purchases and avoid high-interest debt.
  • Extended grace period: Flexibility to pay for your purchases without rushing.
  • HSBC Security: Confidence of a global bank with tradition and cutting-edge technology to protect your information.
  • Exclusive benefits: Advantages that add value to your daily life.

Apply for the HSBC Low Rate Credit Card today and enjoy the security of a renowned bank, combined with low interest rates and benefits that make a difference!